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Why this Website?

Over the years, rgion and people have become dear to us and, of course, it would be nice to be able to write down our experiences. My wife is writing diaries, and I have collected a few summary data do far, but that was not done with my real momentum. Now I have to add that my wife speaks French fluently and I do not speak any French, because I did not learn it at school. All my attempts to learn French have unfortunately failed. In 2017, I made a new attempt with "babbel," but I also got stuck soon.

The only thing that helps me in such cases is to start a "project" that requires what you want to learn in one form or another. For me, "projects" used to be computer programs or lectures, today they are Websites. The "mammoth project" that has now charged me is therefore this Website: it is supposed to report on the area where we have spent our holidays in recent years. And the "trick" is that it should be trilingual, not only in German and in English, but also in French. I will not "refuse" the help of Google's translator. And I have also found that it works better from English to French than from German to French. So I also have a need for the English version!


What is this Website about?

As already written, This Wesite, is intended to inform about the area in which we have spent our holidays in recent years, andit also should reflect our experiences. But it should not be a diary or a detailed account of our walks, but rather be based on what we have done, about locations, mountains, areas, flowers, animals, and other remarkable things. How exactly this site will develop is, however, not clear to me at the moment...

About Gerd Waloszek

After two hip and two cataract surgeries, male with artificial spare parts in his early 70s, born in the land between the two seas (Schleswig-Holstein).

Gerd Waloszek, Founder and CEO, walodesign (see the Website), hobby mass photographer, sometimes star gazer, chief buyer at home


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